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Counter Balance - PCI-100CB:

Cieco PCI-100CB Counter Balence

With Cieco Inc.'s PCI-100CB counter balance you can increase the life of your clutch and brake with a properly set counter balance that reduces the force required to start and stop the press. Maintaining proper counter balance pressure will reduce the electric drive motor load surges. Correct counter balance pressure will also enhance the stopping time of your press to improve the placement of light curtains or two hand controls and increase the effectiveness of your die protection system. Ram parallelism can be maintained easier with a properly set counter balance thereby reducing premature wear on gibs and die. The Cieco programmable counterbalance pressure control PCI-100CB will automatically set the counterbalance pressure. Once the pressure has been entered for each tool, a programmable pressure tolerance can be set to monitor and adjust the pressure every stroke of the press to as close as +/- I psi. All this information is stored under a job number for easy access the next time the die is loaded.

The PCI-100CB is complete with keypad, display and relays mounted in an 8 x 6 x 6 enclosure, self-contained counter balance valve with pressure gage, regulator, fill/dump solenoids, check valve, manual lock-out and exhaust muffler. Also included is a pressure transducer with 20 ft of cable.

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