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Magnetic Products magnetic shaker conveyors M10, M50 and M200 are designed to operate without the need for maintenance, air or lubrication. They feature AC brushless motor and run from a standard 110V outlet. These are the first shakers that leave the factory floor ready to fit virtually all of your press bed T-slot configurations whether metric or standard. The system runs at a fixed speed (factory preset at the optimal setting). Items that can be tampered with and may slow production, such as buttons, dials or switches, have been eliminated.

Magnetic Products M-1000 Electric Shaker is ideal for above- and below-ground scrap management systems. Simple in design, yet extremely rugged and tough the M-1000 conveys anything from metal fines to the most twisted and typically destructive scrap pieces. The M-1000's exclusive design allows for near silent operation and excellent scrap transfer speeds to keep up with even the most challenging scrap handling jobs. Eliminate the downtime associated with other types of scrap handling systems. Available in five standard sizes the M-1000 is your no maintenance solution!

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Magnetic Products Steel Hinge Belt Conveyors (SBC) offer a competitive design to handle a wide range both ferrous and nonferrous materials. Standard designs are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your application and include plain, perforated, pimpled, or pimpled and perforated aprons. steel hinge belt conveyors are offered with many design options as well as ancillary components, such as feeders, hoppers, etc. to provide a complete material handling system.

* Perfect for conveying a wide range of materials in demanding conditions
* Custom engineered designs using standard components
* One segment apron in plain, perforated, pimpled, or pimpled and perforated
* Effectively conveys all types of metals in tough environments of heat, impact and abrasive
* Longer life and smoother performance with heavy-duty side frames
* Built in torque limiter
* Interlocking belt sidewings prevent jamming of material.

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