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Servo Roll Feed        Air Feed                  Threading Tables    Power Straightener    Pull-Thru Straightener
Powered Coil Reel     Pull-Off Coil Reel     Coil Cradle             Cradle/Feeder/Straightener
Cut-to-Length Line     Other

Process Information

Maximum Coil Weight (lbs.)

Coil O.D. Maximum (in.)

Coil I.D. Maximum (in.)

Maximum Stock Width by Thickness (inch) @ SPM

Maximum Feed Length (inch)   

Minimum Stock Width by Thickness (inch) @ SPM

Minimum Feed Length (inch) @ SPM

Maximum Stock Thickness (inch)

Most Common Feed Length (inch) @ SPM

Variable Speed Range (ft/min) - if applicable

Fixed Speed (ft/min) - if applicable

Feed Line Height

Press Angle Allowed For Feed (degrees) - if applicable

Yes    No    Will Pilot Pins be used?

Voltage Required

Type of Material

Hot Rolled Steel    Cold Rolled Steel    Stainless Steel     Aluminum     Galvanized
Other        Yield Strength of Material

Type of Press

Manufacturer & Model Number        Maximum SPM

Surface Condition

Standard Mill Finish     Polished Finish     Pre-Painted Finish     Marking Critical


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