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FMT, Inc. introduced the Direct Clean parts washing system specifically to address the trend toward cell washing and to provide a system capable of washing parts with little regard to the parts physical characteristics. The "Direct" refers to the water hitting the parts WITHOUT having to go through the wall of a basket first. The water hits the parts first and the basket second!

Direct Clean Series - Spray/Hydraulic/Immersion Washer

FMT Direct Clean Washer

If you're having trouble with the removal of chips from blind holes the Direct Clean series or other three step cleaning systems with rotation may be the solution. The Direct Clean series is latest in three step cleaning system: Spray, Hydraulic and Turbulent Immersion with programmable process control (sequence of cleaning, time, temperature, rotation, etc.). Ask us about manufactures belt, cabinet, custom, immersion, monorail, drum, rotary table, tube and walking beam wash systems.

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