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Standard Baskets:

The washing industry has standardized around basket's with:

Outside dimensions: 18" x 12" x 6" deep.
Inside dimensions: 15.7" x 9.6" x 5.5" deep
NOTE - Half size baskets are also available. Two half size baskets will fit into the same opening as one standard basket

Customer's Baskets:

Customer's baskets are used when a customer already has a large number of baskets. The baskets must be acceptable for aqueous parts washing. Acceptability includes dimensional stability, durability, holes for cleaner flow in and chip flow out, etc.

Custom Baskets:

Custom baskets are used when the parts to be washed fall outside the limits of standard baskets. Generally an ImmersoJet can use standard and custom baskets. Custom baskets are typically constructed of stainless steel.


NOTE - Many options and custom features are available including adjustable covers, perforated metal sides (with various holes sizes) or wire mesh sides (various meshes sizes are available)

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