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Brake Monitor - PCI-100BM and Portable Brake Monitor:

Cieco PCI-100CB Counter Balence

Cieco Inc.'s PCI-100BM low cost brake monitor with resolver & counter feeds back position even during a power failure. OSHA compliant with redundant design, the PCI-100BM is complete with programmable keypad that allows the operator to program the alarm and stop times of the press, initiate a 90 degree stop test, change the total hits and batch counters, and set the high and low rpm limits of press speed. The back lit display shows actual brake stopping time in milliseconds along with information on counters, rpm, position and faults. An option to add two programmable limit switches is available that can be used to initiate a feed mechanism, air blow-off, spray lube or any other cyclical function that must occur during the cycle of the press operation. Speed compensation is also available for the PLS outputs.

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