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Spray Tip Description

Spray Tip Pattern

NOTE - based on tip being at a right angle six inches from  the surface being sprayed

110° Flat Fan

15” x 2” rectangle – If the tip is angled the pattern will be larger.

80° Flat Fan

11” x 2” rectangle

50° Flat Fan

8” x 1-3/4” rectangle

25° Flat Fan

4” x 1” rectangle

TK1.5 Deflected Fan

90° Fan pattern that sprays out the side of the nozzle

TG2 Full Cone *

5” Round (with pump set at full lubrication volume – Orifice opening is 0.047 inches)

TG1 Full Cone *

4” Round (with pump set at 3/4 lubrication volume – Orifice opening is 0.036 inches)

TG0.7 Full Cone *

2” Round (with pump set at 1/2 lubrication volume – Orifice opening is 0.030 inches)

TG0.5 Full Cone *

1” Round (with pump set at 1/4 lubrication volume – Orifice opening is 0.024 inches)

TG0.3 Full Cone *

1/2” Round (with pump set at 1/8 lubrication volume – Orifice opening is 0.020 inches)

0.0003 Pinpoint

1/2” Round (with pump set at ½ or greater lubrication volume – Orifice opening is 0.047 inches)

0.0001 Pinpoint

1/4” Round (with pump set at less than 1/2 lubrication volume – Orifice opening is 0.028 inches)

* NOTE - Cone pattern spray tips should NOT be used in an application where a straight oil is being used. The design of the cone pattern tip does not allow straight oil to dispense in a swirling motion creating a stream of fluid rather than a circle pattern.  The factory recommends using a fan tip with straight oils.

Recessed TipStandard Tip    90 Degree Deflected Tip




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The pistons and pump bodies on all “FlexSpray” pumps are guaranteed against failure due to cylinder bore scoring or material defects or workmanship, during normal use, for as long as the pump assembly continues to be in active service under the same application and design criterion initially intended. Upon submission of a defective piston, pump body or both, “FlexSpray” or one of its distributors will provide a replacement piston and/or pump body of the same size and specification, with out cost to the end user.

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