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Quick Die Change Hardware Featuring 

PaceSetter Systems mechanically locked SafeChange Systems provide the high holding forces expected from hydraulics while maintaining the safety and security of mechanical clamps. NO electrical power is needed and the clamps are fail-safe in the locked mode. PaceSetter Systems "hoseless hydraulic" concept allows shared controls and power supplies between numerous presses. This all American made product is backed by PaceSettter Systems exclusive four year warranty - unmatched in the industry!

Pacesetter Systems - Product Offerings:

Bolster Extensions
Bolster/Ram Plate
Die Roller Table Top
Hydraulic Lift Die Roller Rails (Ball or Cylindrical Type Bearings)
Power Assisted Mechanical Rocker Clamps
Power Assisted Mechanical Cylindrical Clamps
1/4 Turn Clamps
Power Supplies & Controllers
T-slot Extender

Pacesetter Systems - Product Benefits:

Combine the Safety and Security of Mechanical Clamps with the High Force & Repeatability     of Hydraulics
NO electrical interface required due to mechanically locked clamps
Pendant type controller for operator convenience
Remotely located power supply doesn't take up floor space
All clamps are one hand tool-free operation
Clamps are guided in their respective slots
Eliminate stripped or damaged platen threads forever
Low Noise Level System
Standardized Systems Fit Existing Presses
Reduces Operator Fatigue, Improves Safety and Increased Productivity
FOUR Year Warranty (longest in the industry)

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