AP & T Automotive Blank Destacker Loader
AP & T Automotive Blank Destacker Loader



This automotive blank destacker was installed in January 2021 in North America for an automotive OEM. Variegate, Inc.’s Application Engineer collected the pertinent information from the OEM. With AP &  T’s engineering and service groups this successful project was completed on time and in a three week installation window.

This blank destacker consists of a two destacking stations to provide continuous running capability. It scans the blanks and the SpeedFeeders (linear robots) adjusts the orientation of the blanks on the fly to present them to the presses’ servo transfer in the correct orientation. Automatic tool change and few moving parts, as compared to traditional destackers, are other features of this line.

AP & T 9 Press Dual Mono Bar Transfer with Feed Line



This coil fed servo transfer line is located in Cusseta, AL and was a 2013 installation to manufacture automotive parts.  Variegate, Inc. provided the feed line and the two monobar servo transfers and a servo shuttle.  This line can be run as a nine-press transfer or any combination less than nine presses. It can run as two separate servo transfers (five-press and four-press) or as a five-press servo transfer with four hand-fed presses. The line speed is being held down due to the controls on the presses not being capable of synchronizing with the servo transfers. Another one to two strokes per minute would be achieved with upgraded press controls. This line runs 24/7.

Metal Forming Magazine ran a front page article on this line in their September 1, 2021 issue. Link

42″ Wide Servo Feed Line for High Strength Steel



In 2019 this 42″ wide servo feed line for high strength material was installed in TN. The customer won a contract for steel their existing feed line could not run. Variegate, Inc. spoke to their owner, plant manager and maintenance manager to determine the required specifications.


Tier 2 automotive supplier 95 Ton Gibb Guided Hydraulic Press


In 2012 a Tier 2 automotive manufacturer, located in TN, purchased this gibb guided hydraulic press. It is used for calibration of lower bracket of a strut body of a shock absorber. Variegate, Inc.’s Application Engineer worked with the customer’s Manufacturing Engineer reviewing videos and pictures to determine the specifications required for this calibration press.