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BILZ Vibration Isolation/Leveling Technology:

BILZ vibration isolation - leveling wedges offer you vibration isolation and leveling along with the fastest way to mount machinery. BILZ materials are specifically formulated to offer excellent vibration isolation characteristics plus mechanical properties such as chemical resistance, excellent compression set values and resistance to aging. Variegate Inc. in conjunction with BILZ Vibration Technology, Inc. will provide comprehensive engineering services including Application Engineering, Design Engineering, Field Service and World Class Customer Support.

BILZ Vibration Technology - Benefits:

Machines can be leveled with their full weight on the wedge
Typical noise level reduction of one to six decibels
Increased tool life and machine life due to reduction in shock induced damage
Individual Wedges can support up to 132,000 pounds
Totally enclosed adjustment bolt eliminates contamination and binding of vertical style mounts
Adjustment bolt can be turned with socket or allen wrench
Self Locking Design assures level is maintained
Available in Bolt On, Bolt Through and Freestanding Design
Full range of wedge sizes and vibration insulating materials
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BILZ Vibration Technology - Configurations:

635 pounds/wedge to 132,000 pounds/wedge
Height adjustment from 0.31 to 0.87 inches

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