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Mechanical, Servo, Link - Stock Presses 35 to 600 tons - Build Presses 3200+ Tons

Call 256-830-6679 to see what presses are on the floor (subject to prior sale)

  • 27 to 3200+ Tons (single, two point and four point designs)

  • Link Drive Mechanical Presses and Servo Drive Mechancial Presses - Gap Frame Press, C Frame Press, Straight Side Press

  • Wet Clutch/Brake

  • Link Press Controls

  • Hydraulic Overload System - Standard

  • Variable Speed Drive

  Stamtec Presses In Stock   Stamtec Transfer Press SE2-550-220-70 with AP & T Servo Transfer    Stamtec SDS-1100-240-72 Servo Press

Stamtec is located in Manchester, TN and maintains a large stock of presses on their floor through 660 tons (subject to prior sale). Stamtec, through their parent company Chin-Fong, is one of the largest press builders in the world with more than 50,000 presses sold and 1500 employees. Stamtec has facilities in the U.S., Taiwan and China encompassing 6,500,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space producing more than 3,000 presses per year.


Their press designs include C frame presses, gap frame press, straight side presses, servo presses and link presses. Stamtec considers all of their customers important whether you are a job shop or automtive manufacture. 


Call or e-mail Michael Gruber, P.E. to set up an appointment or to visit a customer in the southeast.  The phone number is 1-256-830-6679 and click this link E-Mail Michael Gruber, P.E. to send an e-mail.

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