Pressroom Automation
Monobar Servo Transfer in C Frame Press

AP & T North America’s products range from SpeedFeeders (linear robots) for press loading-unloading, high uptime automotive blank destackers and servo transfers to tandem line automation. AP & T’s product reliability is by design based on their modular approach to automation which provides commonality of components, rugged designs requiring minimal maintenance, well written manuals and easy to use human interface.

AP & T builds 300 to 500 linear robots per year with thousands in the field worldwide. Depending on how you configure their robots determines if you get a servo transfer, destacker, speed feeder, etc. These are not custom automation systems but rather arranged solutions using standard sub assemblies. 

Standardization leads to: 

  • Your maintenance personnel trained to work on an servo transfer can also work on a speed feeder, destacker and all of AP & T’s other automation solutions. Cross training is easy because they consist of the same linear robot doing a different job.
  • 24/7 worldwide services support is available whether you speak to AP & T’s North Carolina based customer service technicians or speak to AP & T’s English speaking technicians and engineers in Sweden
  • Another standardization advantage is AP & T is eight generations into their linear robot and support sub assemblies. On many arranged solutions the only suggested maintenance is simply keeping the unit cleaned.
  • Being eight generations into a product provides for very few maintenance issues
  • Different pass line heights are not an issue as AP & T’s SpeedFeeders are fully programmable and can work independently
  • A worldwide standardized Siemens control system guarantees that any AP & T technician or engineer you speak with will be familiar with the software in your plant





AP & T SpeedFeeder (Linear Robot)
SpeedFeeder (Linear Robot)
AP & T Traditional Servo Transfer
Traditional Servo Transfer
AP & T Automotive Destacker
Automotive Destacker with Automatic Tool Change