Turnkey Solutions for Metal Formers and Fabricators

Doing It Right The First Time

Variegate, Inc. provides metal stamping equipment and fabrication equipment solutions based on 40 years of practical and engineering experience. We start each project with a detailed survey of our customer’s needs to determine their specific goals and current issues.

This approach provides several benefits. One being the new equipment we provide addresses maintenance and other issues so we don’t repeat past mistakes. By speaking with your operators, maintenance personnel and engineers we are able to make key improvements that help you meet your goals.

Hydraulic Press Control Upgrade on 3000 Ton Erie
Hydraulic Press Control Upgrade on 3000 Ton Erie Press


From Vibration Isolators and Press Controls Upgrades to Automated Stamping Press Lines 

Upgrades to Press Controls, Feed Line Controls and Servo Transfer Controls

When we envisioned Variegate, Inc. in 1992 it was to be the one  stop shop for all things related to stamping press rooms. We provide everything from vibration isolators, press controls upgrades to turnkey automated stamping press lines. The link below will take you to our line card.