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Cutlite Penta designs, manufactures, and distributes worldwide high-tech systems for metal fiber laser cutting with exceptional performance and competitive pricing. Over 30 years of experience in the sector and the know-how of our skilled technical team led us to creating the first laser cutting head in Italy and Europe capable of supporting power up to 30 kW.  Cutlite Penta leads the fiber laser cutting market with high quality and high powered systems – and guarantees your results.




Whether it’s a linear, tube, or combo cutting machine, each model is custom designed and engineered in Italy with the latest technology and user-friendly software.


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Combo Laser Cutting Systems




Evo 3 Head

Our Fiber PLUS system uses the Penta Evo 3 autofocusing cutting head.  Equipped with a contact-free capacitive sensor, it is designed in-house by Cutlite Penta’s R&D department and manufactured to the highest engineering standards. 

The capacitive head and focusing lenses can be used with up to 40 kW laser power and a pressure of 25 bar.


Bevel Head

Cutlite Penta’s optional Bevel Head component allows the
Penta Evo 3 head to rotate by + or – 45°.

The bevel head is a lightweight, space saving solution that enables you to carry out your cutting jobs without sacrificing quality or time. Innovative software developed by our engineers makes it easy to switch between flat and bevel cuts.